Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Myers Family

Trying to give his sister kisses ;0)

kind of blurry but i tried to make a heart with them. didnt work out that well but still cute :0)

I love how she is looking up at them. jess let me know if you want color in this one. it was kind of bright.

love this one!!
cant decide which one...hmmm i think the texture in the second one is to much. maybe?

He was so excited to be at the beach!

He totally did this on his own!!! it was cute because she was laughing the whole time.

this one was a bit off focus and color was funky haha but seriously, isnt he adorable!?

learned a lot about lighting at the beach. It was a good experience

not sure what to do about the glow on her shirt. but still a beautiful family!!

My friend Beth does a lot of these pictures (with the parents in the back) I thought i would give it a shot. turned out good!

I love that he is holding that feather!!
They were so cute together..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom"

My focus has been way off lately. I'm bummed that I can read two novels in 6 days but cant read the whole bible in 17 years of being a christian. And so it starts. Today I read Psalm 51. I'm going to be honest. Its the first time in a long time I have cried and felt anything while reading my bible. (Sad right?) I felt strong
conviction....forgiveness...compassion....brokenness.....healing. "Read with the emotion in which it was written" Can you imagine David pouring himself out to God in that moment. I can see him on his knees, hands in the air, crying out to God for forgiveness....completely broken. I look at Davids cry to God compared to mine when I pray ....his desperate and honest. Mine watered down as if I'm just repeating the same prayer I learned in Sunday school years ago. There was a point where I wished I was a new christian so I could have that same fire and hunger that a new believer has. Ive realized im blessed to have grown up in the church and it is my fault for not being where im supposed to be. Even if you have been a christian for 50 years, that fire and hunger should always be there. Right?

If only you knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water. John 10-14

Pastor Greg and James often talk about how if you think the bible is boring you are not reading it right. As you can tell from the paragraph above, I am just figuring this out. Two weeks ago at late service, Pastor Greg said "read the bible with the emotions in which it was written" He went on to read some verses that I have read several times in my 17 years of being a christian. There was a difference this time though..Finally.....Job 19:25-27. "but as for me MY REDEEMER LIVES, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And as my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God. I myself will see him with my own eyes. I , and not another. how my heart yearns within me" My redeemer lives....He will stand upon THIS earth.....In my flesh I will see God.....I will see him with my own eyes! Simply amazing.

So I have recently made a new friend. One that I love dearly and thank God for. I dont know if she realizes it but God has used her tremendously in my life, even in the short time we have known each other. Its amazing to me that she has only been a christian for two years. she can bust out a bible verse from the top of her head that is always relevant to my situation. I dont remember the last time I had a friend who wasn't afraid to put me in my place when I have screwed up and manage to do it in love. If you don't know who I am talking, Tyler likes to call her Babby. ;0)

Thats all for now. sorry If I rambled on. Just some things that God is revealing to me. thought I would share. pray that I can keep my focus on this and continue to seek him. like others im sure, I find myself drifting and forgetting why im really here. Please feel free to add to this If you want or correct me if im wrong. thx!

Monday, February 16, 2009

pretty much.

I’m waking up
The world is turning
The sun is shining again
I’m holding on
To things I shouldn’t
It’s time to let them go
I’ve been on a losing streak
Hit so hard I couldn’t speak
But when I hear Your voice it fades away
And I can hear You say
It’s a brand new day
The pain goes away
I’m headed for the door
And I’m going home
I’m going home
I’m going home
I’m going home
Your love, it burns
Away my darkness
You guide me when I’m blind
You are the light
That shines inside me
Showing me I’m So much more
When I’ve been on a losing streak
Hit so hard I couldn’t speak
But when I hear Your voice it fades away
Take me into Your armsMy home lies within Your heart

Friday, January 30, 2009

oh the things we could do.

How amazing would it be to pay cheaper rent. this amazing. (in no particular order)

1. I could take some classes at hancock
2. buy some new clothes
3. take a vacation
4. pay medical bills
5. pay credit card bills
6. save to buy a home one day
7. put money away for Tyler (college fund!)
8. buy some new shoes.
9. sponsor a child (that would be amazing!)
10. get a wii. and a wii fit
11. Start an amazing book collection. ( need to read more!)
12. pay for a healthy meal plan! (no one my age can afford Jenny.. Lets just be honest)
13. buy my friends random gifts
14. Start a fun/new hobby

Oh how the list could go on. This can be a reality. Today we are looking at a place in old orcutt. hopefully it will be a good match for us. And hopefully this will be the last time we have to move for awhile!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What is God saying to us?

AMAZING! My favorite lyrics right now. Times by Tenth Avenue North.

I know I need You I need to love You
I love to see You, but it's been so long
I long to feel You I feel this need for You
And I need to hear You, is that so wrong?

Now You pull me near You. When we're close, I fear You
Still I'm afraid to tell You, all that I've done
Are You done forgiving? Oh can You look past my pretending?
Lord, I'm so tired of defending, what I've become
What have I become?

I hear You say,"My love is over.
It's underneath.
It's inside. It's in between.
The times you doubt Me, when you can't feel.
The times that you question, 'Is this for real?
'The times you're broken. The times that you mend.
The times that you hate Me, and the times that you bend.
Well, My love is over, it's underneath.
It's inside, it's in between. These times you're healing,
and when your heart breaks.
The times that you feel like you're falling from grace.
The times you're hurting. The times that you heal.
The times you go hungry, and are tempted to steal.
The times of confusion, in chaos and pain.
I'm there in your sorrow, under the weight of your shame.
I'm there through your heartache.
I'm there in the storm. My love I will keep you, by My pow'r alone.
I don't care where you fall, where you have been.
I'll never forsake you, My love never ends. It never ends."

Sunday, January 04, 2009

So long 2008. I will miss you...I wont miss you..I will miss you..I wont miss you?

As you can tell Im having a hard time deciding if im going to miss 2008 or not. I think back and I see a ton of excitement, love, memories, accomplishments. And then, like any year there is heartbreak, loss, and let down. But I have to say the good times beat the bad with no question. Its almost like they were competing at one point. Something amazing would happen and then something upsetting would jump in and take you by surprise. I suppose that's life. God knows what he is doing and has a reason for everything. So im sorry bad memories, you lost the fight. But you sure did leave and impact.

I can honestly say that 2008 was the best year for me for a lot of reason. Not only did I get to share it with my truly wonderful husband but we got to experience it with our baby Tyler.. Its true when people say having a baby is a huge step and will change your life. To be honest though, I heard a lot of negative from people.. "Be prepared for no sleep, stress, dirty diapers, tantrums, and a lot of crying." Sure. We have experienced those things. But when I think about Tyler and what we have been through this year, those are the last things that come to mind. I think about his first words, his smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses, first steps and discoveries. I remember the first time he wrapped his arms around me to give me a hug. Not just a cuddle, but a real hug. I could seriously go on forever about why I love him and how he has brought joy and unconditional love to Jason and I. I feel like I have become a better person just having him. He has changed my life for the better. well, I should stop now or this entire blog will be consumed with reasons why I love my son and unforgettable memories he has made. I look forward to 2009 because I know that the Joy doesn't end here and I couldn't be happier about that.

There have been a lot of changes that God has made in me this past year. There were times when I felt like I was really pushed the edge. I made mistakes and tried to fix them myself. when people made mistakes and hurt me I wouldn't go to him for help. I would try and fix it on my own. Not trusting in him and giving those problems to him really brought me down. I believe that God will allow you to reach your lowest point until you have no where else to go but to him. Agree with me or not. I believe that. I don't know if I reached the lowest. But it was almost more then I could handle. And we all know he will never give us more then we can handle. The day finally came when I no longer looked to others or myself for help but reached out to God and things got better. The "distractions" were gone. Relationships were ended. (even if I didn't like it) But God always knew what he was doing. I don't give anyone credit for those changes in my life except God. No one "taught" me a lesson except him. . Its all God.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

One of the changes I want to make is being more of a light for Christ. I want to step as far away from my comfort zone as possible. I want to share his Glory with everyone I come across. Because I do not believe we should keep that to ourselves. We are called to be the salt of earth. To be a light for him. How can we do that if we hide his glory for our own purpose. I have never had a problem with talking about God and my faith. But I do know I can do a better job. I could be a better example and make better choices with my life. Pastors sermon summed it up for me last week. I really felt like it spoke to me. Here are some notes.

Such is the beauty of Christ, that once the Christian has that veil removed from their heart they long to continually look at his beauty as it is revealed in his most holy word.

How do you become more like Jesus Christ? Paul says it is by continually beholding his Glory (look less at yourself and more at Christ)

When you are saved the veil of sin is lifted from your face so that you Can see the beauty of the Lord in the mirror of his word. and as you look you are gradually, through its influence, transformed more and more completely into his likeness.

The most wonderful changes in your life are not only possible but natural when the Lord is at work in you.

all of us continually reflect, as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord

I want the veil to come down. and I believe it is. Its not just about going through the motions anymore. Its becoming a desire and im really excited about that. .
Now that I have written this blog I have decided I will miss a lot about 2008. But I am also happy to leave a lot of it behind and continue forward. Anyway, this is a really long blog. sorry! There is so much more that I could write but I don't want to bore you anymore then I already have ;0) Thoughts are always appreciated ;0)

Friday, December 12, 2008

some pictures

Here are a TON of pictures that I have neglected to share with my blogging friends and family. Sorry about that. we've got ty's bday, Halloween, thanksgiving, another bday party, randomness and a stolen enjoy.

Tyler, Jamie, Kala, and Hannah. (beth armsheimer photography)

They all had the cutest costumes! (beth Armsheimer photography)

Tyler very much enjoyed the Elmo cake that Aunt christine made for him. I dont blame him though. it was amazing! Cousin Saige and Jason having fun. this picture cracks me up!

Gnome!!! There might be a Ransom involved. we haven't decided yet ;0)

After Tylers bday we had a little Halloween bash.

There is something V forgot to tell everyone..hehe. jk. she made a great Juno though! And we cant forget Justins awesome costume as sweeny Todd!

Tanya was a pretty butterfly and shannon was a...uhhhhh. i dont know but she looked pretty awesome too! lol little zeke was the cutest lion I had ever seen and mom and dad were tribes people...?

Randomness is wonderful. They tried to take a nice family picture but very funny uncle mike decided to jump in. He looks like a turtle. I think this is the first picture i ever took with cousin kyle..maybe we took some when we were younger?

one of my favorite picture. myself shann and tan. I love these girls! And yes i know. The picture of tan and I is probably the most attractive thing you have ever seen. try to contain yourself.

AHH! sorry. he's a scary little gnome. sneaks up on my all the time!

The many faces of Tyler. Just so you know. there is no noise coming out. its just a face. And sometimes he thinks he's a rock star. Hence the faux hock and the lip thing. He's pretty hardcore.

How could you not love this face. He is to much

Now to our little family photoshoot. All of these are done by the amazing Bethany Armsheimer. Not just the best photographer you will ever meet. She is a great friend and amazing person. I know ive said it before. but I love her!




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